Information for Sponsors 2017

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We are so excited that you will be sponsoring ProductCamp Boston this year – thank you!  Your sponsorship helps ensure a quality program for attendees, and provides visibility for your brand with Boston’s largest single gathering of product managers, product marketers and entrepreneurs, and the second largest ProductCamp in the world.

Please review this carefully to ensure a smooth process, and since we have made many changes from last year.


Logos: May 12
PowerPoint slides: May 24

Once you have committed to sponsoring ProductCamp Boston, we will email you login information so you can upload logos and PowerPoint slides directly into your dedicated “Sponsor Central” folder (see below). If you run into problems, please email us at

Following are details on the materials we will need from you to ensure that you get maximum benefit from your ProductCamp sponsorship. Please upload materials to your 2017 folder by the material due dates above. The sooner we receive your materials, the sooner we can begin to promote your organization. If you’ve sponsored ProductCamp Boston in the past, your most recent materials will be placed in your Sponsor Central folder for your review – please update or approve the reuse of your previous files.


After you have committed to a specific sponsorship level and received confirmation from ProductCamp, please complete the 2017 Sponsor Information Form as soon as possible.


Must be provided by the material due dates listed above


All sponsors: Please provide as soon as possible, latest by the material due dates above.

Your logo will appear on our website and in PowerPoint slides during the morning introduction and in the rolling presentation, as well as on the ProductCamp T-shirt. Please provide logos exactly as specified below and clearly label your files to avoid confusion.

  • PNG/JPG: Full color PNG or JPEG of your logo for use on our website and in our PowerPoints. Please provide these sizes and label each file to avoid confusion.
    • Large logo: roughly 950 pixels by 250. Please label “large_color_sponsor-name.”
    • Small logo: roughly 250 x 100 pixels. Please label “small_color_sponsor-name”.
  • EPS/Vector: Black on white/clear background high resolution file in EPS or vector format for use on the ProductCamp T-Shirt. Please label “high_bw_ sponsor-name.”


We will use PowerPoint slides to promote your company/product during ProductCamp. Please use the templates which are located here and place the final copies in your Google Drive 2017 final materials folder that we will provide you.  Please edit slides using PowerPoint.

  • Rotating display (rolling monitor) slide (1 slide in each of 2 templates) – Use Template #1 to create single slide “advertisement” for our rotating monitors. These slides will be shown on a few monitors through the event. All sponsors.
  • Intro slide (1 slide) – We are asking that each Platinum sponsor provide both a regular width and wide width intro slide since we are still working to determine the optimal size.  This slide will be shown on a large projector in the main presentation area prior to the start of ProductCamp, and during the 60-second intro for each Platinum sponsor. Provide a simple advertisement-style slide about your company and/or product.  Please use Template #2 and Template #3. Platinum sponsors only.


Please let us know if you would like to offer raffle items that we will give out at the end of the day. Please provide them to the people at the check-in desk when you arrive.


If you would like to give away brochures, small gifts etc, please bring them with you to your tabletop booth (more info below). Due to logistical challenges, we cannot accept these items in advance this year.


  • Staffing – If you are a platinum sponsor, we recommend sending TWO PEOPLE so that one person can stand at your booth and the other can present your pitch at each of the two opening sessions (see Day of Event below).  Gold sponsors need only send one person but two is fine too.
  • Attendee registration – If you have not done so already, please make sure that your company representatives register for ProductCamp at AND use the promo code “ProductCampSponsor” to waive the $15 registration fee for the first 3 people you send. This ensures that participants will receive all ProductCamp emails and will streamline the check in process on Saturday.
  • Breakout Sessions –  Session proposals closed on May 3 – be sure to vote for your favorite sessions from May 10 – 17.  Only registered attendees can vote.
  • Promote your participation! We encourage you to promote your sponsorship of ProductCamp on your website, on Twitter, etc. When tweeting, please make sure to use the hashtag #PCampBoston so attendees see your tweet.


  • NEW VENUE – This year’s ProductCamp Boston will take place at Lesley University’s University Hall in Porter Square, Cambridge and is accessible by the Red Line T (subway) and Commuter Rail. Address: 1815 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140.
  • Please arrive by 7:30 am – Your company representative should plan to arrive by 7:30 am so they can set up and are there when attendees start to arrive at 7:45 to register. 
  • Exhibit – As a Platinum or Gold sponsor, you are entitled to exhibit space. We will provide a full plain table (approx. 6 feet) for platinum sponsors, a half table for gold sponsors. You can place literature, giveaways etc on the table and a representative should plan to stay by the table during the day or at least first thing, during lunch and between sessions.  
  • NEW FORMAT FOR 2017 – 60-second introduction – Unlike years past, you will do your presentation TWICE in each of two shifts at the start of the day.
    Using the single slide you will have provided by the material due date above, your company representative will deliver a 60-second introduction to your company. The speaker should be in the opening presentation room by 8:00 am.  Platinum sponsors.


If you have additional questions, please contact

Please check for additional details. We greatly appreciate your support of ProductCamp. If you have any questions, please let us know. We look forward to seeing you or your company representative(s) at ProductCamp Boston on Saturday, June 10!