2017 Sessions


ProductCamp Boston includes over 80 breakout sessions (see below), lunchtime birds-of-a-feather sessions, peer mentoring, and the lunchtime career fair.  See the program overview for times.

Note: We are no longer using Lanyrd.  Instead please view the complete schedule, tagged by track, here.

Breakout Sessions

ProductCamp Boston includes over 80 different breakout sessions. Click the links below to see lists of accepted sessions (you can tell which sessions have been accepted because they have numbers in their titles).*

  • Product Discovery: Opportunity Analysis, Market Research, Market Segmentation, Competitive Analysis, Industry Analysis, Business Case, Market Problems, etc.
  • Product Development & Design: Agile Processes, Market Testing, Beta/Pilot Testing, Testing/QA, Offshore/Nearshore Development, Requirements Definitions, User Experience (UX), etc.
  • Go-to-Market & Product Marketing: Product Launch, Market Strategy, Marketing Plan, Pricing, Positioning, Messaging, Channel Strategy, Sales Enablement, Marketing Execution, Sales Pipeline, Marketing Metrics, Product Marketing, etc.
  • Product Strategy and Lifecycle Management: Business Planning, Roadmaps, Portfolio Planning, Partnerships, Technology Assessment, Brand Management, End-of-Life, Customer Retention, Repositioning, etc.
  • Product Management 101: The basics about product management and product marketing.
  • Build Your Career & Managing Others: Peer Mentoring Session, Team Management, Interviews, Role Definitions, Stakeholder Engagement, Small vs. Big Company, Product Management/Marketing Tools, etc.
  • Lunchtime Birds-of-a-Feather Discussions: A variety of discussions based on industry, technology, topics, and level of experience.

Target Audience

ProductCamp sessions are broken out by…

  • Fundamentals: Sessions targeted to participants with little or no experience in the topic who are seeking to discuss core knowledge and skills.
  • Advanced: Sessions targeted to participants with previous experience in the topic who are seeking to increase their depth of knowledge in that topic.
  • Entrepreneurs: Sessions targeted to startup entrepreneurs and small business owners that are looking to create new products, but need a solid understanding of product management/product marketing principles, but do not have a dedicated product management/product marketing role.

Looking at Sessions on Lanyrd

We are no longer using Lanyrd.  Please see session details by clicking on the complete schedule and then selecting the sessions you wish to view.

Breakout Session Length

Other than birds-of-a-feather sessions, all sessions run for 35 minutes including questions.

Voting Takes Place in Advance

ProductCamp registrants voted in advance on the sessions they wanted to see presented.

* Subject to Change

The list is subject to change due to last minute speaker cancellations.  Please consult the list on Lanyrd for the most up-to-date information.