How to Use Lanyrd

ProductCamp Boston is using Lanyrd to display session descriptions, the schedule, and to help attendees connect with each other.

Please note: You do not need to login to Lanyrd to see schedule or session information.

Each year, the ProductCamp team looks for ways to improve the attendee experience. In order to make it easier for attendees to see the ProductCamp schedule AND connect with other attendees before, during, and after the event, we are using Lanyrd again this year. You can access Lanyrd via the web or its smartphone app.

Here’s what you need to do:

#1: Before ProductCamp, set up your account

  • Download the app to your smartphone (available for iPhone, requires iOS 7) | Android | Open Web) – and/or – access Lanyrd on the web.
  • Sign up/register for Lanyrd using LinkedIn (ideal), Twitter, or your email address
  • Connect your Eventbrite account, if you have one (which should automatically show you the ProductCamp Boston page on Lanyrd):
    • Sign into your Eventbrite account
    • Go to where you may see a button on the right side of the page with a link to click that authorizes Eventbrite to share your information with Lanyrd.
    • Now your Eventbrite events will also show up in Lanyrd
  • If ProductCamp Boston is not already on your dashboard, search for it and click the “I’m attending” and/or “Track” button.

#2: Connect with other ProductCamp participants

  • View other attendees’ profiles, LinkedIn profiles and Twitter handles
  • Track people you’d like to connect to
  • Start conversations with other attendees
  • Build your network before you get to ProductCamp

#3: View ProductCamp session descriptions, session locations, and schedule