2016 Session Leader Information

Information for ProductCamp Session Leaders and Speakers

Schedule: We have completed sessions selection, and the selected sessions and schedule are now posted on our Lanyrd schedule grid page. Click any session to see details.

Rooms: In general, your session has been scheduled into a room based on how many people we expect to attend, which is based on our past experience and the number of votes — i.e., more votes = bigger room; fewer votes = smaller room. We’ve made every attempt to avoid conflicts between sessions on similar topics but conflicts are unavoidable. If your session is more discussion-based, we have probably scheduled your session into a smaller informal room without a projector. See the room grid at the bottom of this page.

Audio/Visual: Many rooms have projectors. Please bring your own laptop if you plan to use a projector for your session. If you have a Mac, please bring a VGA adapter. See the grid below.

A/V Issues: If you run into AV issues, please ask an attendee to go to the receptionist on floor 1 or 11 and they will help you or get an AV person.

Questions: Please email us before Saturday and/or stop by the speaker desk next to registration when you check in. Look for session leader Eric Chetwynd if you have questions.

2016 ProductCamp Boston room grid