What is ProductCamp Boston

As product marketing and management professionals, we realized that there was no single event in the Boston area that catered to our needs – we wanted to create something to serve the needs of the product community. What better way than to organize an event than through the community itself?

ProductCamp Boston is inspired by collaborative events like BarCamp where participants do more than just attend – they run and shape the event. The collaborative process allows any product professional to propose and run a session, it’s an excellent way to build your reputation. Of course, we also run more traditional sessions with invited speakers.

We’ve run sessions on startup product management, writing articles, career development, and working with sales. At ProductCamp, the main problem participants have is choosing between sessions running at the same time!

Watch one of our founders speak about why ProductCamp Boston was formed, or hear what one of our organizers has to say.

Here are some video testimonials from attendees: