2014 Organizing Team

ProductCamp Boston is run by a team of volunteers.  Please contact us if you’d like to know more about ProductCamp 2014, or if you’d like to speak to the organizers.  Following is a list of the organizers for this year’s ProductCamp Boston.  

 Organizing Team

Bliman-CohenSarela Bliman-Cohen
President; Logistics & Operations Lead
Sarela a is a product management consultant who’s worked at various Hi-Tech companies.  She is a former president of the Boston Product Management Association.


RobinsSteve Robins
Marketing Lead
Steve is VP of Marketing for  FirstBest, the leading provider of front office solutions for global insurance carriers.  Steve has attended each of the last 6 ProductCamps Boston.  



Bruce McCarthy
Sessions Lead
Bruce is the Chief Product Person at UpUp Labs.  The UpUp Labs is experienced in product development in enterprise and packaged software, SaaS and information services for the good of product people everywhere.  Bruce is also VP and Chief Evangelist of the Boston Product Management Association.

Roy MeidanRoy Meidan
Registration Lead
Roy is a seasoned product manager who has worked for several hi-tech companies.


Marketing Team 

In addition to Steve Robins, following are the members of the marketing team.


Carole Gunst
Blog, Social Media
Carole Gunst, is a Boston-based product marketer who has worked with several Boston-based technology companies ranging in size from boot-strapped ventures to major corporations.  She’s been a part of ProductCamp Boston for several years.


ScottParlee3Scott Parlee
Scott’s interest and focus is at the intersection of technology and health. As an experienced product guy, Scott brought several innovative digital health solutions to market including b2c services like Care.com’s Senior Care offering and WeightWatcher’s Online subscription service, as well as b2b solutions like LeanWagon’s Online health coaching service and iScribe’s electronic prescribing product.

JeffreyVocellJeffrey Vocell
Partner Outreach & Promotion

Jeffrey is head of product marketing at Nanigans.  He’s a seasoned product manager and product marketer with background in software, medical devices, healthcare, mobile, and more.




Karthic Kosgi
Karthic is a fellow of the System Design and Management (SDM) program, a master’s degree in Engineering and Management at MIT.




Liron Zighelnic
Attendee Feedback
Liron is an MBA Candidate at MIT Sloan School of Management with a passion for business and technology. Liron has ten years of experience in tech, including SW development, technology management and product management – in a variety of industries including military, intelligence, mobile, and venture capital.

Chetan Nataraja

Chetan is director, ENOVIA R&D at Dassault Systemes