2014 Quick Guide

Quick Guide to ProductCamp

Quick Links

Following is a quick guide to ProductCamp.  For more details, see the “Detailed Guide” link above.

General Schedule

Registration and networking will start at 7:45 am, our program will begin at approximately 8:30 am, and we’ll conclude by about 4:30 pm.  We promise we’ll make it worth your while to stick around until the end.  For more details, please see the Schedule page.  Please consult the Schedule page for specific times.

Sessions & voting

IMPORTANT: This year, ALL session proposals and voting will be conducted through UserVoice.  Unlike the past, presenters will NOT be pitching sessions on the morning of ProductCamp.  Click here to see the final session grid (link will be live late on Friday, May 2nd).

Getting there

Please note that Microsoft has 2 locations in Cambridge.  ProductCamp takes place at Microsoft NERD Center, One Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA, 02142. Visit our directions page for more detailed information.

Parking – There is ample parking onsite in the underground parking lot ($10 fee), and some limited on-street parking.

The Microsoft NERD directions website provides directions from different places and includes public transport options.

Getting into ProductCamp

When you enter the building, you’ll need to register at the front desk where the security guard sits. This is for building security reasons.  Next, proceed to the first floor, directly above the Lobby level.

Here’s a facility floorplan.

Food & Beverages

Courtesy of our sponsors, we’ll be providing continental breakfast, lunch and beverages through the day. We’ll have something caffeinated anytime you need it.

What to bring

ProductCamp is a casual, relaxed environment – expect to do a lot of walking, standing, and even (gasp!) sitting on the floor from time to time.  We recommend comfortable, business-appropriate clothes.  We also recommend that you bring the following to get the most out of the day:

  • IMPORTANT – Please bring a laptop, tablet or smartphone with Internet access so you can see the online session schedule.  WiFi access will be provided at no charge.
  • Business cards for networking
  • Something to take notes with
  • A camera to record notes on boards or just to snap away with.

Sharing your experiences

Please tweet, blog, and Facebook your experiences on the day and afterwards! Take pictures and share them. Our hashtag is #PCampBoston and you can join our Facebook group.   Please share your pictures on the ProductCamp Facebook page (see pictures/videos on the page).   Please email your blog posts to us and we will share them via Twitter or on the ProductCamp website.  There will be free WiFi access on the day, courtesy of our host and sponsor, Microsoft.

More info

Check out the Detailed Guide