About ProductCamp Boston 2014

ProductCamp Boston is…

…the only full-day unconference for product managers, product marketers, and entrepreneurs in the Boston area. It’s the premier event for product professionals to find out the latest developments, discover new ideas, and network with other professionals.  Because it’s an unconference, ProductCamp is organized by attendees and for attendees so they can get the most out of the day. Attendees learn about product management, market trends, product marketing, startups, product design, career development – and more.

Back in 2009, Boston became the fourth city to hold a ProductCamp.  Since that time, ProductCamp has grown into a global phenomena.  Over the course of five years, over two thousand professionals and students signed up to attend Boston’s largest single gathering of product management, product marketing and entrepreneurs each year.  This year we expect a record 300+ attendees at the seventh ProductCamp Boston.

Organized by Volunteers

ProductCamp Boston is run by a team of volunteers.  Please contact us if you’d like to know more about ProductCamp 2014, or if you’d like to speak to the organizers.  Following is a list of the organizers for this year’s ProductCamp Boston.  Click to see this year’s ProductCamp Boston organizing team.