Your Vote Counts

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Session voting is now open! But it won’t last long and…
we need EVERYONE TO VOTE. Why?

Unlike other conferences, at ProductCamp, registered attendees vote to decide which sessions will run. That’s part of the magic of ProductCamp – YOU decide the agenda. So why does YOUR vote matter so much?.

  1. Because every single vote matters. Every year we have so many amazing session submissions that we have to set cut-offs where just one more vote would have moved a session proposal from rejected to accepted.
  2. We want to accept the sessions that you’re most interested in. Sounds obvious, right? The more people that vote, the more closely the accepted sessions will match everyone’s interests.
  3. We need to rightsize session rooms. Your session votes play a very big role in determining which rooms we assigns sessions to. More votes = bigger rooms. Fewer votes = smaller rooms. Every year, some of the sessions end up in rooms that are too small – and it is always for the same reason: we didn’t get enough votes.
  4. We want you to have a great experience. ProductCamp is all about learning what you want to learn. But if we don’t get enough votes, we may not run the sessions that most people are interested in. It’s a simple equation: more votes = better sessions = happier attendees.

Session voting runs from May 26 thru Friday, May 31. VOTE TODAY!
Learn about voting | Cast your vote | Register to attend