Selected Session Proposals 2019

Following is a selection of sessions proposed so far for ProductCamp 2019. NEXT WEEK, registered attendees will vote for sessions, deciding which of these should take place this year. Have you proposed your session? And have you registered to attend yet?

Product Strategy & Lifecycle Management

  • Kano Modeling and Analysis: Delivering Products That Will Delight
  • Opportunity Scoring for new product ideas
  • Product Leadership Skills
  • Why Your Product Roadmaps Should Mirror a Customer Org Chart
  • Team-Based Innovation: A Collaborative Approach to Product Visioning
  • Launch and Learn: Product management when you’re launching three times a day, month, or year
  • Legal Considerations
  • How To Not Make Your Product The Homer Simpson Car
  • A Lifecycle for Microservices
  • Organize your design projects with Airtable
  • The Great Migration: What I learned transitioning 1000+ customers to our new API infrastructure

Product Development & Design

  • The Human Side of Data for Product Thinking
  • Building Internal Products for Enterprises
  • How can ANYONE do UX Research?
  • Design Discovery Workshops (on a budget)!
  • Experience Maps: Essential tool in Product Innovation Strategies
  • Visualizing Users’ Journeys Through Your Application: Expect the Unexpected
  • Customer Centric Product Management – How To Be Awesome
  • Journey Mapping 101
  • Product Manager and Product Owner Actions for Successful Scrum
  • The Product Life Cycle for Fashion Start Up
  • Naming your innovation
  • Enterprise sales meets consumer expectations: how to bring more value to market
  • OKRs for Product Teams

Product Discovery

  • Size Up Before You Build Up
  • Maybe We Should Be Problem Managers
  • Business Requirements – The Problem is the Problem!
  • Don’t over think it – Just Play!
  • Establishing a Strategic Customer Research Program: Driving An Organization’s Decisions
  • Using the Product Canvas to Define Your Product
  • The Hard Thing about User Research

Product Marketing & Go-to-Market

  • SaaS and Channel – are they oil & water?
  • 3 Shifts Impacting B2B Messaging and Content (and How We Can Address Them)
  • The survey’s in: B2B buyers don’t trust what we say about our products. Let’s change that.
  • Running Product Marketing the Agile Scrum Way
  • Your first 30-60-90 days as a PMM
  • How Jobs To Be Done Theory Can Help Your Products Succeed
  • Navigating Product-Market Fit for Blockchain
  • Launch With Confidence: Product, Planning & People
  • Building a Weather-Proof Framework: How to Survive the Product Launch Storm in a New Market
  • Product Marketing and the collaboration with Product Management
  • Get Started
  • Getting Your Product Noticed: The Experts Guide to Launches & Visibility

Building your Career and Managing Others in Theirs

  • How will today change your life?
  • Reverse Engineering Your Manager
  • Engineer/Product Owner/Product Manager
  • Secrets to succeeding in Product Management interviews