Slack at ProductCamp 2019

Log in to Slack on the webCreate your account (registrants only) | Download the app (recommended): Apple iTunes or Play store

Every year, we search for new ways to increase opportunities for learning, networking and career growth at ProductCamp.  Once again we will be using Slack this year.

ProductCamp Boston 2019 will be using Slack for coordination and online conversation before, during and after ProductCamp!  We’re excited to invite ProductCamp attendees to join the new ProductCampBoston Slack group. Watch out for the invite in your email inbox.  Tune in before ProductCamp for community building, networking, teasers, volunteer opportunities and more!  If you have already received the invite you can log in to Slack on the web and/or download the app below.  If you have not, you can start here (open only to registrants).

We recommend that you download the Slack app onto your phone BEFORE ProductCamp Boston.  Find the app on the Google Play store or Apple App store.

If you would like to opt-out, and not have the option to use Slack for ProductCamp, please send an email with the subject “No SLACK”. Please note you will be unable to receive important communications like room/schedule changes, food announcements or raffle updates. We do not recommend opting out.