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The spring 2019 ProductCamp has not yet been scheduled.  Join our mailing list and check our website in February/March for more details.

ProductCamp Boston is…

is the only full-day unconference for product managers and product marketers in the Boston area. Because it’s an unconference, ProductCamp is organized by attendees, for attendees so you can get the most out of the day.    

The world’s most exciting ProductCamp

With over 500 attendees ProductCamp Boston is the world’s largest ProductCamp, and one of the biggest and most exciting gatherings of current and aspiring product managers, product marketers and entrepreneurs anywhere.

A full day of learning and networking

ProductCamp encompasses  over 70 different fundamentals, advanced and entrepreneur breakout sessions on product discovery,  product development & design, go-to-market, product strategy and lifecycle management, product management 101, and careers.  Special lunchtime sessions include industry/topical birds-of-a-feather discussions and a job fair.

You decide which sessions take place

Part of what makes ProductCamp so unique is that attendee registrants propose and vote on sessions in advance of ProductCamp.  So the program includes more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want.  And anyone – from experienced practitioners and world-renowned consultants and authors, to mid-career pros, to newbies can lead a session or discussion. At ProductCamp everyone has a voice, everyone is valued, and everyone can contribute to our collective knowledge.

Organized by volunteers

ProductCamp Boston is run by a team of volunteers. We need you! Sign up to volunteer, sponsor, speak (coming late winter) today.  Please contact us if you’d like to know more about ProductCamp 2019, or if you’d like to speak to anyone on this year’s ProductCamp Boston organizing team.