Check out the Schedule!

On April 30, we announced the schedule (subject to change) for ProductCamp.  Registrants voted on our most competitive field ever, selecting just over half of the proposed sessions.  Following are highlights of the accepted sessions.  Click the links below to see full lists for each track.  Click here to see the full session listLearn more about the ProductCamp program including the Career Fair.

Building your Career and Managing Others in Theirs
Including sessions such as:

  • Start Strong: Tips for Leaping Into Your Next PM Role
  • Stakeholders are trying to kill you
  • Getting better at getting better: a Product Management Kaizen

Go-to-Market & Product Marketing

Including sessions such as:

  • Product Messaging and Positioning: Eliminating Mixed Messages
  • Entering a New Market-Tactics for Companies Big & Small
  • Message Maps: Align Product, Marketing, and Sales to Delight Customers with Every Interaction

Product Development & Design 

Including sessions such as:

  • Drive Growth with Agile Product Development
  • Creating a culture of innovation: lessons learned from 25 years as a girl in tech
  • Unconsciously Biased Products: A High-Level Introduction to Algorithmic Bias in Product Development and Design

Product Discovery
Including sessions such as:

  • Strategic UX Research: Best Practices for Collecting Breakthrough Insights
  • Group UX Research Workshops: techniques to rapidly capture customer input
  • Customer (Re)Discovery: Using the Business Model Canvas to Reinvigorate Your Product

Product Management 101 

Including sessions such as:

  • How are people using my product (getting started with Data Analytics)?
  • Bruce McCarthy’s Product Culture Manifesto (and yours)
  • Steve Johnson says crazy things about #prodmgmt

Product Strategy & Lifecycle Management 

Including sessions such as: 

  • How to Create a Compelling Product Vision and Strategy
  • Collaborative Brilliance: A Team-Based Approach to Visioning
  • How to Keep Your Roadmap Promises (From Killing You)

And be sure to check out the lunchtime Birds-of-a-Feather discussions as well!