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ProductCamp Session-Starters

These session topics were highly rated by ProductCamp attendees in other ProductCamps or in past years at ProductCamp Boston.

Building your Career and Managing Others in Theirs

  • 5 Things To Start Doing Next Week
  • Challenges and solutions for globally distributed teams
  • Communicating with Impact: How to Cause Others to Act
  • Everything I Did Wrong As A Product Manager And How You Can Avoid Them
  • Growing High Performing Product Management Organizations
  • Moving from Product Management to Product Leadership
  • Networking Effectiveness: What Worked, What Did Not
  • The Art and Science of Decision Making
  • Top 10 Tips for a Rockin’ Product Management LinkedIn Profile
  • What to do in the first 90 days of PM role?

Go-to-Market & Product Marketing

  • 3 Reasons Inbound Marketing and Selling Doesn’t Succeed (Without Product Marketing)
  • Courtship to Relationships – The Marketer’s Role in Customer Experience
  • Equip Sales to Make You and Your Product Successful
  • Growth Marketing 101
  • Optimizing Product/Market Fit with Analytics
  • Setting Up For Success: The Kickoff Meeting
  • So you want to be an evangelist? (How can a good product inspire positive customer actions)
  • Statistically Significant Beta Testing
  • Storytelling With Data: How to quantify and visualize the value of your unique differentiation.
  • The Role of Social Media within Product Management
  • The Role of Social Media within Product Management
  • Understanding the buying behaviour of your customers

Product Development & Design

  • Agile Estimation, Planning and Product Development at Scale
  • Build vs. Buy, Which Will Work Best for Your Product
  • How to Measure (and Improve) Team Health
  • If You Build It, Will They Use It?
  • Improving User Experience of Your Product
  • Optimizing MVP + delight For Your Product
  • Practical User Testing Execution
  • Product Owner or Product Manager – roles
  • Putting the Minimum in MVP: Its all about the experience!
  • Writing User Stories: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

 Product Discovery

  • Are You “Ready” to Get to “Done”? A Tool for Getting Backlog Items Completed
  • Competitive Analysis Study
  • Customer Journey Mapping for PMs
  • Extracting Killer product instincts from your customers
  • Integrating Design Sprints in your organization
  • Justifying Features & Products – Financials
  • Mapping Human-Centric Product Vision
  • Questions PMs Should Ask Customers
  • Rethinking Customer Research: Achieving Breakthrough Product Insights
  • Roadmapping: How to Manage a Rockin’ Product Roadmap
  • Top 5 Product Prioritization Frameworks
  • Understanding Customer Needs: What You’re Doing Wrong and How To Fix It 

Product Management 101

  • 3 Lean Six Sigma Techniques To Help You Focus On What’s Really Important For Any Product or Process
  • Blockchain and Product Management
  • Dev backlog vs Product backlog vs Roadmap
  • How to Keep Sales From Selling Your Roadmap
  • Machine Learning for PMs
  • OMG Buy-in & Alignment!
  • PM for Tangible vs. Intangible Products
  • PM in a Highly Regulated Environment
  • Product Management in a startup
  • Product Managers Shouldn’t Prioritize Feature Requests
  • Tools for Product decision making
  • User Research 101 – How to Run a “Beta” Program & User-Testing Scenarios
  • When Your Company Won’t Go Agile

Product Strategy & Lifecycle Management

  • Better Requirements for Better Design
  • Buying Behavior You Need To Know
  • If You Build It, Will They Use It?
  • User Personas: How to Build Them The Right Way
  • 4 Problems Product Managers Face
  • Product vision leading to strategy and quarterly planning
  • Introducing Disruptive Products to Tech-savvy Markets
  • Making Good Products Great with Data and Analytic
  • Saying “no” to Feature Requests & What Process To Use?
  • Balancing Innovation vs Customer Requests
  • How to Use In-Application Messaging to Drive User Engagement
  • Product Management in a Start-up
  • Product Strategy for Blockchain-Based Businesses