Latest List of Proposed Sessions

Here is the latest list of PROPOSED sessions for ProductCamp as of last night.  Remember: registered attendees select sessions in advance so not all of these sessions will run.

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Product Discovery

  • How I used the Lean Methodology to find product/market fit as a Corporate Intrapreneur
  • 12 Secrets of the Open Source Startup Pitch
  • Initiating your Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Using surveys to get the answers you want

Product Development & Design

  • Creating a culture of innovation: lessons learned from 25 years as a girl in tech
  • Lunchtime Birds-of-a-Feather: Agile
  • Building Your Product on the Salesforce Platform – Healthcare Case Studies
  • Unconsciously Biased Products: A High-Level Introduction to Algorithmic Bias in Product Development and Design
  • The Best Organizational Structure for an Innovation Team
    Making Website Accessibility more Accessible to Businesses (and your project team)

Go-to-Market and Product Marketing

  • Product Release / New Feature Training
  • Pricing Strategy: How to Price & License Your Product
  • 10 Ways A Product Manager Can Excel in Copywriting
  • Eliminating Meetings in Product Launches: Agile Style
  • Product Messaging and Positioning: Eliminating Mixed Messages
  • Good Product Launch, Bad Product Launch

Product Strategy and Lifecycle Management

  • Building the Right Products
  • Do We Need Fewer Product Managers?
  • Don’t Let Tech Debt Sink Your Roadmap!
  • The Roles of Product Marketing and Management in the Age of Disruption
  • 7 Principles For Growing High Performing Product Teams
  • F You Murphy
  • 3 Ways to Agile UrSelf For Delivering Excellence
  • How to Quantify Customer Value for Your B2B Product
  • Pricing Strategy in the Digital Era
  • Effective Product Management for Operational Products: Navigating Product Strategy and Lifecycle When Your Customer Is Internal
  • Requirements Spaghetti or Requirements Layer Cake. Which One Are You Serving Up?

Product Management 101

  • 10 Books to Become A Better Product Manager
  • Practical approach to roadmap prioritization
  • Steve Johnson says crazy things about #prodmgmt
  • Be A MVP by Getting to MVP
  • Experiences in Product Manager and Product Marketing roles
  • PM & PMM: Building a Dynamic Duo
  • How are people using my product (getting started with Data Analytics)?
  • 3 Techniques for creating a Roadmap Framework
  • A Minimum Viable Product Is Not a Product, It’s a Process

Build your Career

  • Supercharge Your Career Through a Powerful Personal Brand
  • Managing Product Managers
  • It Takes a Community – A Product Owner Community of Practice
  • Establishing the Product Management Role in Organizations Where It Hasn’t Existed Before