Check Out These Great Session Proposals

Whoa!  Since we opened call for sessions a few weeks ago, we’ve received many great session proposals.  We won’t be publishing the proposed session list until voting starts, but listed below are the session titles that have been submitted so far.  THANK YOU to everyone who has submitted a session proposal!

By the way – as always, this year’s proposals are a testament to the unique nature of ProductCamp where people from all walks to product life submit sessions – experienced and new product people, practitioners and consultants, people with different perspectives… you get the point.  So what session will you propose this year?

We will continue to accept session proposals until March 30. 
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Current Session Proposals

  • 10 Books to Become A Better Product Manager
  • 12 Secrets of the Open Source Startup Pitch
  • 7 Principles For Growing High Performing Product Teams
  • Atomic design for the consistency age – how to create a vibrant yet consistent ecosystem
  • Be A MVP by Getting to MVP
  • Building the Right Products
  • Calibrating Your Business Investment in UX
  • Creating a culture of innovation: lessons learned from 25 years as a girl in tech
  • Do We Need Fewer Product Managers?
  • Don’t Let Tech Debt Sink Your Roadmap!
  • F*ck You Murphy
  • How I used the Lean Methodology to find product/market fit as a Corporate Intrapreneur
  • Initiating your Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Lunchtime Birds-of-a-Feather: Agile
  • Managing Product Managers
  • Practical approach to roadmap prioritization
  • Pricing Strategy: How to Price & License Your Product
  • Product Release / New Feature Training
  • Steve Johnson says crazy things about #prodmgmt
  • Supercharge Your Career Through a Powerful Personal Brand
  • The Roles of Product Marketing and Management in the Age of Disruption
  • Using surveys to get the answers you want