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Unlike other conferences, ProductCamp is run by and for attendees.  YOU plan it.  YOU vote for sessions.  YOU help set up and clean up.  That’s why YOU MAKE PRODUCTCAMP GREAT!

VOLUNTEERING is a great way to meet other peers, use and learn new skills, learn more about product management/product marketing, and connect with other attendees before, during and after the event. We especially need volunteers to help on the day of the event.

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Advance Planning Teams

Teams start meeting in February/March.

  1. Session Planning (determining tracks, recruiting speakers, managing voting, and session scheduling)
  2. Logistics Planning
  3. Volunteer Management
  4. Sponsor Recruitment
  5. Sponsor Management (Administrative, not sales. PowerPoint and Google Drive skills are helpful)
  6. Marketing –
    • Sending emails using ConstantContact
    • Website management (setting up site on WordPress)
    • Web content (writing web pages and blog and recruiting others)
    • Posting to other websites (it’s easy – it’s just filling out forms)
    • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc)
    • Graphic design
    • Metrics
    • Creating an attendee survey

Day of Event Volunteers

Volunteers help register participants, to set up and clean up, and lead session at ProductCamp.  Spend 30-60 minutes helping – a small donation of your time helps ProductCamp in a big way!

  1. Attendee registration
  2. Setup/cleanup
  3. Room monitor
  4. Social media (Twitter, photos etc)


We need people to capture and edit photos and video. Are you a photographer/videographer/editor? (Note: we cannot pay for this)  Let us know if you can take and share photos and/or video and if you can edit video after the event using your own computer/software (iMovie, FinalCut etc)


We will be reviewing volunteers during February and March. If you fill out the volunteer form and we have a need for your skills, we will contact you by email, sometimes within a few weeks, but sometimes just a few weeks before ProductCamp takes place – depending on your skills and our needs.

Most of last year’s volunteers came in through the volunteer form and we review this volunteer list continually as we plan ProductCamp. We apologize that we are not able to respond directly to each person who volunteers but we really appreciate your offering to help!!


Please contact us at productcampboston@gmail.com

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