2018 Session Leader Information

Session list | Guide for Birds-of-a-Feather Session Leaders

Preparing for your session

  • Check your session on Sched – know your time slot and room number.  We had to make several last minute room and time changes so please recheck Friday afternoon.
  • Session Length – Please keep sessions to 45 minutes including Q&A.
  • Projectors – Except for the Café, all rooms have projectors – Please bring your own laptop if you plan to use a projector for your session.
  • HDMI – Most projectors have HDMI interfaces. If your laptop (Windows or Mac) does not have an HDMI port you will need to be bring your own HDMI dongle.  All sessions take place in University Hall.
  • HDMI/VGA – The rooms on the 3rd floor have projectors with HDMI interfaces; rooms on the 2nd floor have projectors with VGA interfaces. If your laptop (Windows or Mac) does not have an VGA or HDMI port you will need to be bring your own HDMI dongle. We recommend watching the How-To video for your room on the Lesley website  (all rooms are in University Hall).
  • Tips – Some quick presentation tips you may be familiar with:
    • Know your audience – As people come into the room introduce yourself ask them what they want to learn or hear.
    • Allow a few minutes at the beginning to introduce yourself and why you put together this presentation for them. Highlight what they are going to learn.
    • At the end make sure you allow time for Q+A, ask for feedback.
    • Make sure it is easy for people to connect with you for future discussions (if you want that).
  • Birds-of-a-Feather leaders – Read the discussion guide.

When you arrive 

  • Check in on the first floor so we know you are present.
  • If an emergency arises and you cannot present, please let us know ASAP so we can inform attendees.

Before your session

  • Pick up the session sign-in sheet(s) from room 3-085
  • If you have questions, please stop by the Speaker Room #3-085.

During your session

  • Session sign-in sheet – Please make sure that all attendees sign in so we have a count of the number of attendees in each session.  Return your sign-in sheet to the Speaker room #3-085 right after your session.
  • Problems?  If you run into AV issues, please ask an attendee to go to the Speaker Room on the third floor and they will help you.
  • Tweet – Designate at least one person to tweet and photograph the session if possible (@PCampBoston and #PCampBoston).
  • Session – Let people know your slides will be available afterwards on the ProductCamp Slideshare page.
  • Session Feedback  – We have set up surveys for attendees to provide feedback on your session.  Please encourage attendees to complete the survey online by clicking on the FEEDBACKSURVEY link in your session description page at http://www.productcampboston.org/2018sessions.
    Please encourage participants to evaluate your session immediately – before they leave the room.

After your session