Bye Bye Lanyrd

As you may have noticed, has been acting flaky since we started planning ProductCamp this year. It was free and it worked great in 2015 and 2016, so we gave it a chance. But it crashed, delivered errors, and would not let us make edits.  In fact, it’s still preventing us from making edits – less than 5 days before ProductCamp starts.  That is not acceptable.

So over the last weekend, the ProductCamp team swiftly (and heroically) moved our entire schedule, now color-coded by track (track list is at the bottom of the new schedule page) of 80+ sessions to a new program called Sched, which shows the entire program right on our website.  Kudos to session lead Sue Amsel and her team!

Sched is a nice upgrade from Lanyrd and has a great mobile (and web) interface – I really think you will like it.

The only downside is that we have had to remove the track lists which pointed to Lanyrd.  But you can still see the tracks.