Presenting at ProductCamp!

I have presented at just about every ProductCamp Boston since 2009 and it’s been one of the best experiences of my life.  Every year I look for new opportunities to share what I’ve learned, learn new things myself, and/or help others solve problems.

Over the years, I’ve led many different sessions on solution marketing, product management, product marketing, agile, social media and more with my peers:

  • Discussions – This is where ProductCamp really shines.  Some of the best discussions focus on problem-solving or answering an important question.  I’ve led discussions on how marketing can thrive in an agile development environment, the future of product marketing and marketing, and the impact of social media on product management (obviously that was a looooong time ago).  The agile session was one of my favorites because I walked into the discussion with a vexing question and I walked out with lots of great answers!
  • Group coaching sessions – I’ve also led mini-case study sessions.  Entrepreneurs came in with challenges they wanted to solve, then attendees offered suggestions that helped them to better refine their offerings.
  • Product management careers – Last year I led a panel discussion of experienced product managers and a product management VP that helped new and aspiring product managers to learn what it’s like to be a successful product manager.
  • Educational slide presentations – Of course I’ve also led more conventional presentations backed up by PowerPoint slide decks.  Along the way I’ve shared models, best practices and case studies based on my own experience, my work with clients, and research.

Go For It – Present at ProductCamp!

If you are considering leading a session, now is the time to take action – since session proposals close on Wednesday, May 3.  As you can see from my own experience, each of us has something to contribute whether we’re experts, practitioners (ie a product manager, product marketer etc), whether we have an answer to share, or are seeking to answer a vexing problem.

Learn more about presenting here.  Sign up here.

Steve Robins is the president of ProductCamp Boston, the world’s largest unconference for product managers and product marketers.  He led the marketing team for five years, has spoken almost every year since 2009, and has attended every ProductCamp Boston since 2009. Robins is the principal of Solution Marketing Strategies, has held senior marketing roles at FirstBest Systems, EMC, Documentum, and KANA Software, started the top-rated solution marketing blog, and writes a marketing tech column for TechTarget.