Product Management 101, 2017

The following sessions have been accepted for ProductCamp 2017 and are subject to change.  We will post the schedule no later than June 3.

Session Session Leader Target Audience
103 – Understanding Technical Debt Andrea Goulet Advanced, Entrepreneurs
106 – User Research 101 – How To Run A “Beta” Program And User-Testing Scenarios Anthony Rindone Fundamentals
115 – It’s Not You, It’s Your Hat! Bill Allen Fundamentals, Advanced
126 – You Are *NOT* The CEO Of Your Product – how to get things done via influence rather than authority Will Eisner and Shobhit Chugh Fundamentals
152 – So Good They Can’t Ignore You Shane Picciotto Fundamentals
159 – OMG Buy-in & Alignment!? C Todd Lombardo Fundamentals, Entrepreneurs
163 – Happy Teams Don’t Happen By Chance Roberto Machado Entrepreneurs
176 – Product Managers Shouldn’t Prioritize Feature Requests Hannah Chaplin Advanced
220 – Results From The Most Comprehensive PM Survey Ever Performed Duncan Gilmore Fundamentals