ProductCamp Boston Hosting Information

Would you like to host ProductCamp Boston? We are currently looking for a college or company that is interested in hosting this high profile, amazing event for around 600 to 750 product managers, product marketers and entrepreneurs at little or no cost (we pay for food but to keep costs low, we’re trying to avoid room rental fees) on a Saturday in April or early May. If your organization can host us, or if you know of a venue that is interested, please email us as soon as possible.  Event specs are below.  THANKS!

  1. Overview
    1. ProductCamp is a one-day user-organized conference for product managers, product marketers and entrepreneurs.  Our target audience focuses on researching customer needs, developing strategies to meet those needs, and working with product teams to turn raw ideas and technologies into the stuff that people need, want and will buy.
    2. ProductCamp encompass more than 75 presentations and breakout sessions on topics such as roadmapping, working with engineering teams, UX and design, agile, careers and more (see 2016 ProductCamp session list ) and led by industry thought leaders and current practitioners.  Unlike other conferences, attendees propose and vote to determine which sessions will run.
  2. Timing – one of the following dates is idea in 2017:
    1. May 6
    2. May 13
    3. May 20
    4. June 3
    5. June 10
  3. Hours — From setup to cleanup, we usually are in the facility from 7 am to 5 pm and the event runs from around 8/8:30 to 3 pm.
  4. Number of attendees (including speakers, volunteers and all others) — 600 to 750 people total.
  5. Estimated facilities needs
    1. Registration space – About four 6’ tables to register attendees (all day).
    2. Vendor exhibit area – Tabletops for 12-15 vendors to exhibit.
    3. Breakfast – Informal stand-up breakfast, need a place to serve coffee, muffins etc – opening to 9 am.
    4. Opening session – Ideally can accommodate 350-500 people but we can work around this if space is not available – opening to about 10 am.
    5. Breakout sessions – About 14-18 rooms/spaces of different sizes ranging from 10 to 80 people or so (larger is fine) – from about 9:30 to 4 pm.
    6. Lunch – Informal spaces that can accommodate about 600 people. We usually serve food from platters but could do boxed lunches if we had to.  Timing from about 11 am to 2 pm.  Can use same space for other sessions.
  6. Budget
    1. As a non-profit, we have only minimal funds to rent space.  So we are looking to partner with an organization that will provide space in exchange for promotion and awareness.  ProductCamp is a nonprofit operating under the BPMA umbrella.  This event is break-even for us – attendee fees do not even pay entirely for lunch.
    2. We will pay for lunch and food.
  7. Event history
    1. ProductCamp Boston started in 2009 when it was the fourth held anywhere.  The event has steadily grown into the largest in the world.
    2. Since the start, ProductCamps have been held close to 200 times in 50 cities around the world.  Each is independently operated by a local nonprofit.
    3. The core leadership team has been involved with ProductCamp Boston since it started.
  8. Who attends (2016) – top groups in each breakown
    1. Wide mix of large and small companies – 30% 100 or fewer employees, 24% 101 to 1000 employees, 22% more than 1000.
    2. 50% from product management, 13% marketing and product marketing, 6% students, 4% engineering.
    3. 17% CEO/VP, 14% director, 32% manager.
    4. 27% less than 5 yrs experience, 32% 5 to 15, 29% more than 15.
    5. 46% software/SaaS, 8% healthcare, 7% financial services, 4% publishing, 3% education/gov/nonprofit, 3% packaged goods
  9. Additional information
    1. 2016 ProductCamp website
    2. 2016 ProductCamp session list
    3. The role of product management in Boston’s innovation ecosystem