Lead a Session at ProductCamp 2016

Please check back! The session schedule will be posted by Saturday, April 2.

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Why Lead a Session at ProductCamp?

Did you know that leading a session is fun and invigorating? It’s a great way to get the most out of ProductCamp. And it’s the best way to network and learn with your peers.

Session Tracks

The program will include sessions on:

  • Product Discovery: Opportunity Analysis, Market Research, Market Segmentation, Competitive Analysis, Industry Analysis, Business Case, Market Problems, etc.
  • Product Development & Design: Agile Processes, Market Testing, Beta/Pilot Testing, Testing/QA, Offshore/Nearshore Development, Requirements Definitions, User Experience (UX), etc.
  • Go-to-Market: Product Launch, Market Strategy, Marketing Plan, Pricing, Positioning, Messaging, Channel Strategy, Sales Enablement, Marketing Execution, Sales Pipeline, Marketing Metrics, etc.
  • Product Strategy and Lifecycle Management: Business Planning, Roadmaps, Portfolio Planning, Partnerships, Technology Assessment, Brand Management, End-of-Life, Customer Retention, Repositioning, etc.
  • Build your Career: Team Management, Interviews, Role Definitions, Stakeholder Engagement, Small vs. Big Company, Product Management/Marketing Tools, etc.

Target Audience

  • Fundamentals: Sessions targeted to participants with little or no experience in the topic who are seeking to discuss core knowledge and skills.
  • Advanced: Sessions targeted to participants with previous experience in the topic who are seeking to increase their depth of knowledge in that topic.
  • Entrepreneurs: Sessions targeted to startup entrepreneurs and small business owner that are looking to create new products, but need a solid understanding of product management/product marketing principles, but do not have a dedicated product management/product marketing role.

Leading a Session Is Easier Than You May Think

You don’t have to be an expert to lead a session.  Share an observation or something new that you’ve learned. Lead a panel. Share your insights. Share your questions.  Share your expertise. Share your ideas.

As you can see, ProductCamp is all about sharing with the community, so please don’t be shy! We encourage everyone to propose a session.

Feeling Shy?  Team with a friend! 

And if you are feeling shy, consider teaming up with a friend or forming a mini panel for your session.

Your session makes ProductCamp great!

Last year we had 430 attendees and over 35 proposed sessions. We expect this year’s attendance to be even larger, so let’s make this the best ProductCamp ever in Boston by proposing even more sessions! The success of ProductCamp depends on you — the community.

Don’t wait

Each year after ProductCamp ends, folks tell us they wish they’d proposed a session. Don’t miss your opportunity to share your ideas and learn from colleagues. Now is the time to begin thinking about your session.

Voting for Sessions

Your votes determine which sessions get selected. Voting is taking place until March 25. If you registered for ProductCamp, check your email for voting instructions.