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June 15, 2019

July 1 Updates

Thanks to everyone who attended this year!
TODAY is the last day to complete feedback surveys.

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Presentation Slides

Slides and session notes have been posted to our Slideshare account,

You can also access them in the session descriptions on Sched

Slides are available where the session leader has provided them. Because attendees ask for slides, we ask session leaders to provide slides or session notes. We track whether session leaders have provided slides as part of the evaluation process.

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Session Leaders

Thank you for leading a session this year!

Session Feedback: It takes us a while to compile session feedback which we will send to you by the end of June.

Slides: We will be sending instructions for posting your slides so we can get them to attendees as soon as possible.


Thank you for sponsoring ProductCamp!  Without your support, Product-Camp would not be possible.

 ProductCamp Throughout the Year

People often ask if ProductCamp runs activities through the year.  While ProductCamp Boston is a once-a-year event, we are affiliated with the Boston Product Management Association (BPMA), Boston Women in Product, and Agile Product Open, which run events each month through the year, many on the very same topics as ProductCamp. Most events cost between $10 and $25 and some are free.  So if you’d like to continue learning and networking through the year, check out these groups today!

Be sure to check out our sponsors, each of whom offer tools, training, or recruiting for product managers and product marketers.  Some offer regular training in Boston.

Boston is an amazing place to be a product manager or product marketer.  To learn more about other product management and product marketing resources, check out “Reason #6 on this blog post as well.

About ProductCamp

ProductCamp Boston

ProductCamp Boston is now the largest ProductCamp in the world. It’s the only full-day unconference for product managers, product marketers, digital marketers, UX and startup professionals in the Boston area. ProductCamp Boston is the premier event for product professionals to find out the latest developments, discover new ideas, and network with their peers.

An unconference is organized by attendees for attendees. At ProductCamp Boston, this means you’ll see presentations from well-known product pros and attend sessions led by your peers.